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QA automation task

Testing task:

Given the user story below create a set of a test cases and group them by types and priority. This user story is intentionally very high level and not a good one , think of a list of questions you would want to ask Product Owner and answers based on actual behavior you observe (or imaginary answers), as if you got them from PO. We also encourage suggest improvements you would recommend to improve usability of this page if you see any. Format of the test case is up to you, but design of test cases should help to later automate it, explain in few words why this particular design is beneficial for automation.

User Story For Testing Task:

As a User I want to be able to sign up for new account on web site www.appdirect.com by clicking on Login link and then Signup link. Signup page will suggest enter an email address and once it’s entered will send out activation email. (Note: Verification of email notification is not subject of test, just behavior of the signup page)

Test Automation Task:

Based on test cases created in the first part of the task - create automated tests using whatever language you feel most comfortable with (Java, Python, Ruby, etc), Selenium Web Driver and TestNG or JUnit. You can replace TestNG by any other testing framework, but web emulation has to be through Selenium API. Make sure each of your automated tests will be somehow mapped to the previously created test case. Keep in mind maintainability of code, application of OOD principles and extensibility of your solution to other areas of the AppDirect application.

Create tests module as maven project and send us zip file with project. Please attach proper instructions how to run the tests that you created.

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