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PowerPoint assignment

The purpose of this discussion is for you to prepare a presentation to inform parents in your school/center about the benefits of play in the classroom and explain how play and learning are interconnected. You will collaborate with two peers in this discussion by offering feedback directly in their presentation (see the Guided Response instructions below). The scenario for this discussion is that you are hypothetically working in a school or center serving young children. Recently, at the school or center there have been some concerns brought up by parents about the amount of playtime that children in your classrooms are getting compared to the opportunities for academic learning. Your goal with the presentation is to communicate to the parents the importance of play. First, prepare for this discussion by considering the quote below:

Even if you are wholly in charge of your class or group of children, you may have a co-teacher or assistant, or you may be part of a bigger teaching team, which means that other individuals will influence or perhaps have some control over your planning. For example, teachers in a center or school, often plan collaboratively, as a group, by grade or age level. (Jaruszewicz , 2013, section 6.1, para. 4)

Do you notice how the author of your text emphasizes that there are many stakeholders who will interact with your students and possibly in your classroom, such as a co-teaching arrangement? To further prepare for this discussion, aside from reviewing the Instructor Guidance for Week Two and considering the quote above, read the NAEYC articles “Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8 ” and “Maximizing the Impact of Teacher Collaboration.” Additionally, if needed, review the Microsoft Office (2014) article about creating effective presentations, which is listed in the Recommended Resources for Week Two. 

Initial Post: Create a PowerPoint presentation that is seven slides in length, including the title and references slides, and that is designed as a presentation you might give to an audience of parents and other adult stakeholders affiliated with the school/center described in the scenario for this discussion. Attach your PowerPoint presentation to your initial post. Your presentation slides must

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