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PROF washington watson ONLY ***

Part A

Create a 4 to 5 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for a Mini-Strategy using the Mini-Strategy Outline on Starbucks. With speaker notes

Include the following in your outline:

  • Conduct a basic SWOTT analysis and discuss the implications of those results.
  • Develop strategic recommendations that are designed to realize growth.
  • Conclusion.
  • Reference page at end of slide deck. 

Part B 

Follow the instructions based on decision to complete the Strategic Plan or Alternative Capstone Project: See attachments

Strategic Plan Part 2: Internal Environmental Analysis

Write a 1,400-word minimum internal environmental analysis in which you include the following: 

  • Assess the organization's internal environment.
  • Identify the most important strengths and weaknesses of your organization including an assessment of the organization's resources.
  • Identify the most important internal environmental factors in the general, industry, and external analysis in relation to the internal analysis.
  • Perform competitor analysis.
  • Assess the structure of the organization and the influence this has on its performance.
  • Determine the organization's competitive position and the possibilities this provides. 

Format your paper according to APA guidelines. 

Part C

1.           Exercise 1 talks about what Makes a Great outsourcing firm:  Read it and then do the following.

Pick one of the Top 100 Global best outsourcing firms from (http://www.iaop.org/), then answer the following:

·              Why was this company chosen to be in the top 100? What has been the company's history as regards outsourcing as a source of revenue? How does the firm describe, or imply, its value proposition?

·              What unique competitive advantage does the firm exhibit?

·              Do you consider this to be a sustainable competitive advantage? Utilize the four criteria of sustainable competitive advantage as your guide.

2.           After reading this chapter answer the following question:

·              How do awareness, motivation, and ability affect the firm's competitive behavior? 400 WORDS

https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305217188/cfi/6/6!/4/2/[email protected]:0

3.           After reading this chapter answer the following questions: 400 WORDS

·              What is organizational structure and what are organizational controls?

·              What are the differences between strategic controls and financial controls?

·              What is the importance of these differences?

https://phoenix.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781305217188/cfi/8/6!/4/2/[email protected]:88.8

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