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Project: Construct a Geologic Time Scale Rubric High Grades (88Middle Grades (76100% of maximum 87% of maximum points) points) High scoring students...

2. Design a museum exhibit on the geologic time scale.Have a different room for each of the first three eons, and then a room for each of the twelve periods of the Phanerozoic Eon.Think of images that would be appropriate to represent each piece of time (volcanoes for the Hadean, dinosaurs for the Jurassic Period, etc.) You will need to do some research on the twelve periods of the Phanerozoic in order to know what to include for each of them.For grading, either submit a written description of what each room will look like or record a podcast that gives visitors to your museum a recorded tour.Your written description or podcast should include the name of each room, at least one image for each room (a total of fifteen rooms:first three eons and twelve periods of the Phanerozoic), the times in history when each occurred, and why you selected the image that you did.
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