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Project management

Working individually, students will demonstrate additional competency in project, operations, and information systems management by preparing a succinct report that integrates project, operations, and information systems management to meet a managerial challenge at their organization and significantly improve its performance.

 The report will include at least the following topics

An executive summary Description of the managerial challenge Application of project management to the challenge Application of operations management to the challenge Application of information systems management to the challenge Assignment of the project team Training needed Work breakdown including critical path A planning budget

 The report will be submitted in pdf format except for the budget, which will be in xlsx format, and the work breakdown including critical path, which will be prepared with a project management software such as MS-Project.

 Critical thinking, managerial decision making, information literacy, problem-solving, systems thinking, and technology fluency are required.

Project management always refers to theTriple Constraint and a project team, plus a Gantt chart with critical path.

Operations management refers here to the daily processes at your organization; you should show how they will be improved after the project is completed.

Information systems management refers to the support provided by IS and IT both during the project and also afterwards; you should describe it.

* My organization is called Avendra. It is a supply chain management company in the hospitality industry. I need it to be based around that. Please follow instructions very thoroughly.

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