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Project Paper about Financial preparation after corporate divestiture/ succession!

Hey everyone! I need your help. I have to write a project paper, it should be 14 pages long in total. In the end it should be an intership report so I will combine theory and practice. What I need is the theory or theoretical discussion on the relevant factors.  

A)  Description of the topic

Corporate succession is a complex and sensitive topic, because not in every case is a perfect succession plan given. Finding the right successor or leader for the family business is difficult and has to decide carefully. In most cases is a professional consultation needed where family goals and future planning’s becomes structured and implemented.  The main goals are to prevent lifetime achievements, care succession, taxation optimization and lastly to save the family structure! These personal and financial risks have to be identified; the respective consequences are pointed out and then solved according to its needs.

The aim of my paper is to point out the theoretical guidelines and rules from the bank perspective and what this means in concrete terms, and how important it is to have a succession plan for uncertain happenings, therefore I would like to show a fictive/ practical example.  I would like to present it in detail from the problem recognition, financial planning until the final solution

Table of Contents for final paper

1.   Introduction

2.     Problem Specification and Relevance of the Topic (retirement planning, financial planning)

3.     Problem Statement and Course of Investigation (Law specifications, taxation,)

4.     Theoretical Part

5.     Practical Part (Examples)

6.     Renewables

7.     Conclusion

8.     Reference List

Use APA (6th edition)for referencing! 

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