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Required to write an action paper, I have summited an example. The paper is about a proposal that I'm doing to a specific facility in which I hope to work for in the future. I chosse Cook County Jail (Illinois) because it is the largest mental health facility in the United States. In the paper I want to speak about the history of mental illness and the cook county jail mental health facility. . So therefore my whole paper is focused on mental illness and my proposal is to be able to provide a in service workshop for all new corectional officers in that jail.  The objective of the work shop is to provide these new officers with a basic understanding of correctional counselling, programs, and clinical theory. Write a detailed workshop plan that you would use to instruct this new group of correctional officers. I have also attached a workshop plan so you can get a better understanding of the type of workshop I would do my proposal on. I want to do a workshop so these officers can understand a mental illness better and be able to identify the symptoms and what resources they can connect these inmates too. In the action paper I'm also suppose to develop a budget plan, basically breaking it down on how much the workshop plan will cost overall. The budget plan does not have to be legit numbers but it has to be reasonable. Looking for 7 pages APA format. And of course things should be cited.

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