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Public Health 300 words APA discussion w 3 references

DUE 7/20 7P.M EST

Discussion: Is the EU Closing the Gap on Health Inequities?

The World Health Organization and European Union (EU) DETERMINE Consortium has acknowledged gaps in health equities within and between member countries. A variety of efforts are underway to help close those gaps.

To prepare for this Discussion, review your Learning Resources, particularly the readings from the DETERMINE Consortium and European Commission and the National Social Marketing Centre video programs. Select two EU countries on which to focus. Look at efforts in those countries designed to reduce health inequities and inequality and examine appropriate outcomes for those efforts. Evaluate the performance of the health systems in those countries as reflected in population health data for each of the countries. Be sure to access the CIA country profiles (found within the CIA World Factbook) and WHO websites provided earlier for the most current resources.

Post a brief comparison of the health status of the two EU countries you selected with that of the U.S. Then, describe two efforts in those EU countries to reduce health inequities. Explain what lessons can be learned from the EU efforts you selected that can be implemented in the U.S. nationally or by individual states. Explain how the community you live in might adapt these interventions.


·         This week, our discussions focus on comparing population health in the European Union (EU).  


·         There are many countries in Europe that are not member states of the EU.  If you submit a comparison that includes a non-EU member state, then I cannot give full points to you. The official list of member state for the EU can be accessed at https://europa.eu/european-union/about-eu/countries_en





Paragraph One, introduce both EU countries (population, average income). Compare some basic health indicators from these countries to the same indicators in the US. It is fine with me if you want to include a table to allow for side-by-side comparisons.

·         Paragraph Two, select an effort to reduce health inequities from each country, and briefly describe each of these efforts. I’d probably organize this section by first identifying a health inequity in country X, then describe an effort to address this inequity, then move on to country Y, describing first an inequity, then the related effort.

Paragraph Three, describe first the lesson the US could learn from the effort implemented in country X, then describe the lesson the US could learn from the effort implemented in country Y.  Describe how your own community could adapt similar interventions (and be sure to identify your own community, please).

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