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Question 1 0.5 pts In anthropology, religion and spirituality are classified as part of a culture's: structure infrastructure substructure...

Question 1

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In anthropology, religion and spirituality are classified as part of a culture's:​





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Question 2

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What is the primary reason that the Bugis of Sulawesi refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and sexuality from sunrise to sunset during Ramadan?​

​to purify their thoughts and build self-control and restraint for their deity

​to focus purely on prayer and not be distracted by any physical activity

​to preserve resources so that they can break the fast with a communal celebration

​to set aside these things as offerings for the poor

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Question 3

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A part-time religious specialist that generally serves as a healer and spiritual mediator is called a:​



​spiritual guide

​holy father

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Question 4

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A collection of gods and goddesses is known as:​





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Question 5

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Worldwide, what is the largest practiced religion today?​





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Question 6

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What threats do megacorporations pose to national governments?​

Megacorporations have their own governments and do not work in national countries.

​It is challenging for governments to find the sufficient workers for the corporations.

​Global corporations prefer to make all foreign policy decisions without laws.

​It is difficult for governments to get information from them for informed policy decisions.

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Question 7

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Since about 5,000 years ago:​

​ethnic groups have organized themselves into independent states

​world exploration has occurred by land and space

​domestication of plants and animals has opened world trade networks

​ethnic groups have developed into functioning societies

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Question 8

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Paul Farmer argues that "inequality is our modern plague." What does he mean by this?​

​that the inability of poor people to compete for resources means they cannot gain access to opportunities

​that the lack of resources causes environmental destruction to all people

​that poverty and the lack of resources is the primary reason that indigenous people cannot compete globally

​that poverty and inequality are the primary causes of many infectious diseases

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Question 9

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Which country spends the most overall on military hardware?​

​Saudi Arabia



​United States

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Question 10

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The adaptation process by which a people resists assimilation by modifying its traditional cultural in response to pressures by a dominant society to preserve its distinctive ethnic identity is known as:​


​cultural evolution



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