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Question 1: Consider the following two headlines:

(2) lacks credibility because it cannot be verified

c. (1) and (2) lack credibility because the sources are interested parties

d. (1) and (2) lack credibility because they conflict with the beliefs of most Americans

Question 2: One way to pick out unreliable media is to investigate their sources - for example, if a scientific study or research program is cited, it is important to investigate whether the funding comes from an interested or disinterested party. Which of the following would a good critical thinker accept as a legitimate (i.e. disinterested) source for scientific claims?

a. A researcher funded by a political action committee

b. A researcher who is funded by a faith-based group

c. A researcher funded by a government grant

d. Any of the above if the study initially appears to be legitimate

Question 3: Of the four possibilities below, which contains a source who may be considered a reliable expert on the provided issue?

a. An economist claiming that access to education can influence economic stability.

b. A father of four claiming that children perform better in school if they eat breakfast.

c. A politician claiming that women do not need regular gynecological exams.

d. A Nobel Prize winning physicist claiming that climate change is pseudoscience.

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