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Question 26 Applicants cannot be denied employment opportunities for: Select one:

Question 26

Applicants cannot be denied employment opportunities for: 

Select one:

Failure to meet job qualifications

Failure to pass a drug screening test

Having more than one arrest record

Receiving negative reference checks

Question 27

When conducting a pre-employment interview, an interviewer may ask:

Select one:

What is your current age?

What year did you graduate from high school?

How many kids do you have?

Have you been employed under a different name?

Question 28

When posting a job opening it is recommended by the Uniform Guidelines that an employer: 

Select one:

Include the salary for the open position

Differentiate between required qualifications/specifications and those that are desired

Guarantee that reasonable accommodations will be made for any disabled applicant

Contact all applicants for further processing

Question 29

ADEA prohibits discrimination against employees whose ages range from:

Select one:

18 & above

40 to 70

40 and under

40 & above

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