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Question 4 – Data Flow Diagram [10 points]Draw a data flow diagram for the following scenario. Your diagram must includeexternal entitiesprocessesdata flowsdata storesas stated in the scenario. Foll

Question 4 – Data Flow Diagram [10 points]

Draw a data flow diagram for the following scenario. Your diagram must include

  • external entities
  • processes
  • data flows
  • data stores

as stated in the scenario. Follow the notation presented in Weeks 7 & 8. You must use software to draw your diagram, e.g., Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress/Draw or

Paste a screenshot of your completed diagram into your Assignment Answers document.


An Uber customer first makes a ride request. This request is verified by accessing customer account details from the customer data store. The request details are then stored in a request data store and posted to the drivers. As soon as a driver sends a confirmation, the driver and car are assigned to the request by accessing the driver’s account details from a driver data store and saving the ride details in a ride data store. The pick-up details for that ride are sent to the customer. After the customer has been dropped off at the destination, the customer marks the ride as completed to initiate the processing of the payment. Payments are processed by accessing the customer’s account details from the customer data store and accessing the driver’s account details from the data store and finally saving the payment details in a payment data store.

The complete diagram consists of ca. 25 items. (The number of items in the diagram may vary as multiple correct solutions exist.)

An item is: an external entity / a process / a data flow / a data store.

In a correct diagram with 25 items, each item is worth 0.4 points.

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