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1- Consider reasons why an organization would choose the universalistic view to KM over the contingency view.

2- Describe the output-input-middle method. Provide example.

3- Briefly discuss how the different impacts of Knowledge Management on employees can be assessed in your organization? (You can select the industrial type of your organization )

4- What is a heuristic? What is a heuristic function? What is a heuristic search

5- Describe various ways that knowledge management systems could help firms with sales and marketing or with manufacturingand production.

6- Show how Knowledge Management helps improve process effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation in your organization (You can select the industrial type of your organization )

7- In what way does information technology infrastructure contribute to KM within an organization?

8- Would the stock market represent a good application for case-based reasoning (CBR)?  Why or why not?

9- For each of the following, state why or why not a forward-reasoning or Backward approach would be suitable. 

(a)   An air traffic controller, which provides the appropriate directions to aircraft. 

(b)   A financial investment advising system.

10- Does a player in a card game use tacit or explicit knowledge? Explain why. Define and explain the difference between the two.

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