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Re: Response to Discussion Post

Initial Response to DQ

Do the questions appear to be consistent with a DSM-5 diagnosis of dissociative disorder? Why or why not?

The questions appear to be consistent because they all screen on dissociation symptoms. They ought to find out measures undertaken in effective screening procedures for the diagnosis of a mental health and these questions are portraying a structured clinical interview for the people with a high DES score. The questions directly seek to find out whether a high dose score portrays that there is presence of a dissociative order.

Are there any questions that may not be culturally sensitive?

No. most of these questions are culturally sensitive because they all relate to issues affecting the general community in relation to its own people. All tools that associate with assessment of Dissociative orders and related scales in one way or the other impact the general community since it addresses issues of mental health. This assessment covers a broad area in a community set up though it can however be a bit difficult since most of the disorders explore similar symptoms.

As a social worker working with a client, when would you decide it is necessary to use this scale?

As a social worker, I would consider using this scale whenever I’m addressing issues relating to disorders, and the main reason to this is because it is in most cases considered a reliable and highly valid scale that is widely applied during the diagnosis of related dissociative disorders.

Based on the DSM-5 criteria, are there questions you would add to this scale?

Yes. There are a few questions that I would add to the scale, especially the ones on trying to find out different cut off scores for the DES scale and the impact of a high likelihood for a given disorder in relation to a reduced likelihood especially on a false positive.

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You stated you would add more questions to the scale, what are some exact questions you would add that will meet the needs of your client?

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