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Read and answer the questions for the following article: University of Missouri-Columbia. (2016, October 7). Breast milk protein safely reduces...

  What is lactoferrin? What is it function or importance for health? Provide complete citations for sources of  information

c. What was the purpose and hypothesis of the experiment?

d. What were the independent and dependent variables of the study? Explain.

e. What was the control group? Was it used as a positive or negative control and why?

f. What data were collected?

g. Summarize the results in a table*.

h. What was the major conclusion of the study and its importance?

i. Is any important information about how the study was performed or findings left out in the ScienceDaily article? If so, what information is missing?

*For the table make sure to include a title for the table and labels for the columns. The independent variable and control are listed in the most left hand column and the results of the dependent variable(s) are in the other columns. Include units of measures as appropriate.

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