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Read the Case (follow the blackboard link to Harvard Business Publishing to purchase the case). While reading the case, thinking about...

Read the Case (follow the blackboard link to Harvard Business Publishing to purchase the case).

While reading the case, thinking about the following questions.

  1. 1)  Analyze how different elements of the HRM system affect one another.

  2. 2)  Consider how the HRM policies and procedures support or undermine the overarching business strategy.

  3. 3)  Recognize both the rewards and risks of a strategy that focuses on recruiting top performers, especially in an industry where clients are often loyal to the individuals, rather than the organizations, who provide services.

  4. 4)  Consider how financial constraints can push managers to think more creatively about how to attract, motivate, and retain employees.

Individual Project Assignment:

At the 9am meeting, Twyla Thompson proposed the idea of engaging a bright SUNY-New Paltz HRM student to help her solve the HRM challenges at ARISE. Chambers and Solti agreed. You are that student.

You meet with Ms. Thompson and she asks you to do 3 things and present the information to her in the form of a business memorandum.

  1. 1)  Analyze the current design of ARISE’s HRM system and evaluate whether it supports or undermines the overall ARISE business strategy. Comment specifically on how the following elements of the system support or undermine the business strategy:

    1. Job design

    2. Staffing

    3. Compensation

    4. Career development and training

    5. Solicitation of feedback from employees

  2. 2)  Analyze all the HR challenges at ARISE and identify which challenges you consider to be the 3 highest priorities given the overall business challenges facing ARISE. Explain why you believe the identified challenges are the most important.

  3. 3)  Develop a proposed solution to address the top 3 priorities. The proposal must include sufficient detail so that Ms. Thompson can evaluate whether the proposal is likely to be successful.

    •   For example, if you propose reducing wages, then the proposal should include details about the amount wages will be reduced, how the reduction will be implemented, how the reduction will be communicated, and how you will mitigate negative consequences that could arise from reducing wages.

    •   Your proposal can be a complete overhaul of the current HRM system, or include more modest adjustments.

    •   Use the proposal template that follows on page 2.

      Deadline: April 4, 2017 (11:59pm using turn-it-in) Page target: 7-10 single spaced pages. Grading rubric on page 2.

      Remember: this is not a research paper. Avoid long/wordy paragraphs and sentences. Focus on a well-organized and succinct writing. Make it easy for the reader to understand your proposal.

Template to use for the proposed solution  Describe the proposed solution(s)

Section 1: Overview Section 2: Intended outcome

 Describe the outcome the/each solution is designed to achieve Section 3: Implementation plan

 Outline step by step what ARISE must do to implement your proposed solution. Section 4: Risk Mitigation

 Describe the potential negative outcomes and recommend a mitigation plan Section 5: Measurement

 Describe how ARISE can measure whether the solution(s) have been successful

Section 6: Projected Return-on-Investment (ROI)

  •   Describe what resources are needed for the/each solution (time and money)?

  •   Project the financial benefit to the business

    Section 7: Other considerations

 Describe any other elements of your proposal that you want Ms. Thompson to consider 

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