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Recent Past Reports

Directions for Report 4

Do a text and internet investigation of one of the major political or social crimes of the period: 1968-

1978. Examples are: Watergate, Kennedy-Kopechne Affair, Kennedy or King assassinations or other

presidential attempts, Kent State Shootings, My Lai Massacre, the Killing Fields in Cambodia, other

nationally noted cult or serial killers, Charles Manson, Patti Hearst kidnappers, Jonestown—make a

suggestion. Examine the available evidence and give me your opinion on the case as well as the

possible interpretations of the evidence and the biases of the reporting.

Directions for Report 5

Pick a major domestic news event: 1978-1996: Iran Contra Affair, MOVE in Phila., Waco Branch

Dravidians, Challenger Explosion, White Water, Columbine, Pine Ridge confrontation, Oklahoma City

bombing, OJ Simpson Trial, or ? Explain how the event triggered debate that revealed the hypocrisy in

our supposedly morally well-adjusted society.

Both reports should be a one page  report each based on your own opinion about the event.

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