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Recruitment & Selection at Southco Europe Ltd.Southco is medium sized American-owned global manufacturer of access hardware solutions such as, latches...

Recruitment & Selection at Southco  Europe  Ltd.

Southco is medium sized American-owned global manufacturer of access hardware solutions such as, latches and hinges, used for application in the aircraft, railway, computer and automotive industry.

Operating out of its headquarters in Philadelphia, by 2003 the company had manufacturing sites and sales offices in Connecticut and Florida and similar European operations with a head office in the UK. At this time, the company employed a global workforce of more than 1,479 employees referred to as “associates”. This case is centered on the European head office of the business and details how recruitment and selection is being used to support the organization’s strategic goal of accelerated global expansion while serving local markets with local production.

The organisation’s vision is to be the ‘leading global source of engineered access control hardware, services and solutions ;( Southco, 2004:1). This is translated into the following mission statements, which are communicated throughout the organization:

·        To create continuous growth opportunities through strong customer connectivity and engineering excellence

·        To seize these opportunities through seamless teamwork and by leveraging operational excellence and supply chain management.

·        To drive leadership, growth and extraordinary value for customers, associates and shareholders.

(Southco, 2004:1)

The organisation’s vision, mission statements and related annual key objectives are captured on a plastic card carried by every Southco associate:

·        To drive profitable top line growth.

·        To drive and leverage process excellence

·        To expand global reach and capabilities

·        To strengthen and leverage financial position

·        To strengthen people and performance management system.

(Southco, 2004:1)

Exposed to environmental factors, such as increasing political and economic insecurity and ever more aggressive competitors, Southco reflects a climate of constant change.

An appreciation of cultural diversity is characteristic of the organization as summarized by one of its cultural belief statements: “Act Global/ Think Local”.

 The company’s continuing commitment to this objective has recently been demonstrated by its establishment of a direct sales presence in eastern Europe and a new Automotive Office in Germany to better serve local customers.


1.     Based on the information provided with respect to organization context, strategy , vision, mission statements and annual key objectives, what core competencies do you feel underpin Southco’s recruitment & selection process.

(Hint: analyze all requirements in the question and recruitment & selection process of Southco in detail).

2.     What do you think would be an appropriate recruitment and selection procedure for Southco to follow?

(Hint: Map out your answer providing as much detail as possible on the recruitment and selection methods you would use).

3.     What changes would you make to Southco’s recruitment and selection process in order to more fully meet the model, core dimensions and conceptual framework of strategic recruitment and selection, you choose to compare?

(Hint: Map your answer based on models, core dimensions and conceptual framework of strategic recruitment & selection-make a detailed study, compare the case and provide suggestions for South co).

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