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This week students will write a comparison-contrastessay (800 words, MLA page setup with two credible sources from the internet incorporated according to MLA requirements). The details on what to include in the essay are located in the reading listed above. 

Required topic for this discussion:  

Choose a specific and current issue/event (perhaps a news item that catches your eye) which people have significantly different opinions about. This essay will require that you compare and contrast the perspectives on the subject. The subject matter is entirely open. The only parameters are that the subject should be that the topic is one that is currently in the news (not a historical event). 

• As a minimum, the essay will need to be no fewer than five paragraphs in order to earn a passing grade. Each paragraph should be no fewer than five sentences as an absolute minimum. 

• Thesis: Essays should contain a clearly identifiable thesis statement.

Check the Requirements

• The essay must be formatted in MLA and be a minimum of 800 words, excluding your heading, header, and title.

• The essay must have an original title that is both attention-getting and specific.

• The essay must have a minimum of five paragraphs.

• The essay needs a thesis that reflects the essay genre options provided. This perspective must be able to be supported with your own observations, as well as with the sources you’ve chosen for the paper.

• Use MLA format for in-text citations and the works cited page. 

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