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religion study

1. Write one paragraph that briefly discusses concrete similarities and differences between "love of God" in Islam and in Christianity (based on page 55-65 in the text). if you use a quote (you don't have to), be sure to provide the page number where you found the quote.

2. After the section about love of God, the authors turn to "love of neighor". Discuss on specific example from the Quran and one from the Bible that the authors use to support their claim that "love of neighbor" involves more than just sympathy/empathy.( 2 sentences about each example).

3. The section " Come to a Common Word" talks about how the 2 traditions reglion shold not view each other as enemies. Briefily discuss the textual evidence from the 2 traditions reglion that the authors use to support their position. (2-3 sentences)

4. Based on the concluding section, explain why the authors think that documents like this one are important for our world. (2-3 sentences).

Please use Simple sentences and Simple words.

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