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RES 351 Week 1 DQs and Summary

This paperwork of RES 351 Week 1 Discussion Questions and Summary consists of:

DQ 1: Why must business managers understand the importance of business research and how it is used in their organizations?

DQ 2: What are the essential tenets of the scientific method, and why is the scientific method important to business research?

DQ 3: Recently, several studies have sought to measure the extent of binge drinking among college students. Explain the meaning of an operational definition and develop a good operational definition for binge drinking.

DQ 4: Toyota has a problem with unexplained acceleration problems in some of its top models. It closed down plants and stopped production on several models. What types of research might Toyota conduct to make these decisions?

DQ 5: Why is research ethics important in business? Describe the rights and obligations of the participant, researcher, and research sponsor?


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