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research paper!

Hi, Sir: 

This is a research paper for a capstone project.

I need an internal analysis for a company called Kendra Scott design Inc.

it is a Jewelry companythat is in Austin Texas.

I have attached a file that can be used as a guideline for how the paper should look like.

This guideline is the instruction for the paper to use for writing the paper. 

The paper style is APA format double spaced with resources. 

You can use UIW library database to look up for any information needed. 

i will provide this to you later.

I provide an excel file from PrivCo database for you to use it for Financials analysis,

but you should look for more.

I have provided a Writing Rubric for the whole research paper.

Page range: no less than 8 pages full. 

Try as much as possible to not use high academic words.

The due is on Monday 19/June 10.00 AM in the Dallas TX USA time zone. 

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