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Research Paper

The research paper is to be an in-depth discussion of S. Korean culture and should include such aspects of the country's culture as political makeup, holidays/celebrations, religion, and art/architecture. Using primary and secondary sources, the paper should also analyze the country's customs and practices while highlighting overall cultural contributions to a global world society.


  • Body length should be six to eight pages, double-spaced;
  • Follow APA format and include Title and References pages (not counted in body page length);
  • Minimum of five academic sources, one of which must be a primary source.

Primary sources are first-hand accounts. These include letters, autobiographies, or diaries. Secondary sources are written after the event and include such items as academic, peer-reviewed articles, news reports, or other commentary either on the primary sources or some aspect of the country and/or its culture. Bear in mind that online encyclopedias, Wikipedia.com, Ask.com and other like websites will not be accepted.

Since the paper accounts for 25 percent of your grade, it is important to have a well-developed thesis and evidence supporting that thesis. Writing style, grammar, and format are also important. The paper must have appropriate reference citations.

**Needs to be 100% plagiarism free**

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