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Research Project/Paper

Last week you selected a community to investigate, began researching the relationship between group norms and societal influences, and submitted your initial findings to your instructor. This week you continue researching your selected community, focusing on social factors and criminal behavior, and you submit a final research paper which describes and analyzes the research you conducted over the last two weeks.

Continue to conduct internet research about the following topics as they pertain to your selected community. Additionally, you are encouraged to interview community members about their experience and perspectives:

  • Social relationships
    • Primary and secondary relationships among community members
    • Effect of family structure and parenting styles on childhood development
    • Mental and emotional personality development over the lifetime

 Individual behavior and motivation

    • Internalization of symbolic communication
    • How these behaviors and relationships affect individual people’s behavior
    • How an individual’s behavior can perpetuate group norms within this community
    • Factors that may lead to predisposition to addiction, crime, or mental health issues

Compile all of the information you gathered from Week 3 and from this week.

Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper that describes your research findings and that analyzes societal influences on individual behavior within your selected community. Your paper should address the following:

  • How can analyzing these kinds of features help you understand how people from this community may become involved in criminal behavior?
  • How can this knowledge make you more effective in a career in criminal justice? 

Use a minimum of 5 resources to support your analysis. The course textbook may be one reference.

Adhere to APA guidelines.

I have attached last week's paper.  It is approx. 800 words. 

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