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Review the attached general case guidelinesNext, read the attached case a couple of times to understand the basic situation. Address the following questions / considerations: Calculate the budgeted

Review the attached general case guidelines

Next, read the attached case a couple of times to understand the basic situation. 

  • Address the following questions / considerations: 
    1. Calculate the budgeted costs and profit for each of Kahneman's customers for the years 2010 to 2013. (Note that you will need to calculate the burden rate for each of the years individually to provide this information.) 
    2. Identify trends in the costs and/or profits over the 2010-2013 time frame, and provide possible explanations for these trends.
    3. Discuss a strategy that Kahneman should use for bidding on (1) contracts coming up for renewal and (2) new business.
  • Identify and consider the implications of the assumptions you are making about (1) the information being used as inputs and (2) the technique you are using as the basis of your analysis.
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Files: MA - Case Guidelines - General.pdf, 503 - Kahnemen Centers Inc - Case.pdf
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