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S w 9B05M040 DE BEERS AND THE GLOBAL DIAMOND INDUSTRY1 Danielle Cadieux prepared this case under the supervision of Professor David Conklin solely to...

De Beers — Human Resources One Question to answer:Note: De Beers is clearly a global operation and has staff located in many countries, with several mentioned in the case study, although you need not confine your answers to only those.Describe some of the difficulties that De Beers may find in staffing senior international positions. Your answer should include the following areas: Which HR issues may cause particular difficulties? What might be some of the skills gaps for staff in these positions? How might newly appointed staff be prepared for positions in parts of the world of which they have little experience?

HR issues in De Beers as a global diamond firm1. HR issues causing difficultiesThe human resource of a firm forms an extremely important asset which can greatly impactits strategic position and...
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