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Samples of Standard Normal Random Variables Use a computer to generate a sample of 50 standard normal random variables. Generate a histogram for your...

Imagine that you have a portfolio of 10 stocks, that have a sample mean of 8%, what is the probability that the sample mean is equal to the population mean?

Sample Proportion Hypothesis Testing

Individuals are often classified as being morbidly obese if they are 100 pounds overweight. Imagine that the population proportion of morbidly obese individuals in the country as a whole is 2%.

1. How large does n need to be to use the standard normal distribution? 2. You obtain information on 500 individuals from a town and calculate the sample proportion to be 4%. 3. Calculate a 90% confidence interval for sample proportion? 4. Does the confidence interval include the population proportion? 5. What is the probability that the sample proportion is equal to the population proportion?

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