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Sampling and Data Collection Plan

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Sampling and Data Collection Plan

art 1: Sampling Design

Write a 350- to 700-word paper usingthe scenario and two variables your learning team developed for the Week 2 Business Research Project Part 1 assignment, in which the goal is to submit a random sampling plan in such detail that another researcher could replicate the method.

Discuss the following: 

Population and size The target population and brief reasoning Sampling element which may be conducted through any of the following:  Data mining Survey (If a survey is chosen, create a 5-10 question document), or Observation  The sample size Method of random sampling which may include:  Simple Stratified Systematic Cluster

Calculate the sample size for the mean or sample or sample size for the proportion, using a 95% confidence level, estimated population standard deviation or estimate of the true population proportion, and a 5% margin of error. Place the calculation in the Appendix.

Discuss how validity and reliability will be achieved.

If applicable, explain how human subjects will be protected.

Part 2: Data Collection

Explain how the data will be physically collected.

Explain where data will be stored and how it will be protected.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Graded paper with this comment from professor

It appear you may have two independent variables, miles driven and pick-ups. The dependent I believe should be Quota ($). The hypothesis could less detailed and could read "there is no significant difference between miles driven and passenger pick-ups for a Xuber driver to make his quota."

Attached is the document from last week!!!

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Click here to download attached files: SAMPLING AND DATA COLLECTION PLAN.docx
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