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SCENARIO OPTION #1: Bad News Memo Document Makeover, business and finance help

ASSIGNMENT (Worth: 25 points)

The purpose of this assignment is to: 

1. Analyze business letters for effective use of information.

2. Use the correct words in communicating ideas and information.Thus, you will develop your skills at writing either a badnews memo or a persuasive memo and apply what you've learned aboutintegrating proper grammar, mechanics, and usage.

3. Use correctly direct, indirect, and persuasive messages.

SCENARIO OPTION #1: Bad News Memo Document Makeover

Melissa Dugan, Global Business Communications HR Benefits Manager,is requesting your help with the Bad News Memo about corporate health insurancechanges.

· Read Melissa Dugan's Bad News Memo draft (see below, page 2).

SCENARIO OPTION #2: Persuasive Memo Document Makeover

Shauna Eckert, Global Business Communications Events Planner, isrequesting your help with the Persuasive Memo about reducing absenteeism andimproving productivity.

· Read Shauna Eckert's Persuasive Memo draft (see below, page 3).


To meet the Unit 4 assignment requirements, you may choose torespond to EITHER the Bad News Memo Document Makeover (Option #1) OR thePersuasive Memo Document Makeover (Option #2).

· Correct the memo using Interoffice memoformat (To, From, Subject, Date). See pp. 163, A-15, A-16.

· Be sure to change all of thedates to current. 

· Effectively communicate the ideas and information byincorporating the correct wording, spelling, punctuation, usage, andmechanics in your rewritten memo. See the "Handbook of Grammar, Mechanics,and Usage" to guide you.

NOTE: You neednot use the Track Changes feature or highlight your changes. Rewriting the memowill indicate your changes.


Upload your document makeover in Microsoft Word (.doc) or RichText Format (.rtf) as a file attachment by the scheduled due date (see theCourse Schedule). If you do not have MS Word or Rich Text Format, download/usethe open source (free) MS Word-like program from www.OpenOffice.org.

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