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SCI 209 Week 4 DQs

This paperwork of SCI 209 Week 4 Discussion Questions includes:

DQ 1: Waves that are mostly caused by wind flow move in small circles or orbs. Waves decline in speed when they go into the shoreline. The top of the wave is known as crest and the bottom is known as trough. The wave crest that will break when it gets into the shoreline. You will observe that in this week's animation. Surface waves shouldn't be mistaken for Tsunamis or tidal waves. Those are generated by the force of Earthquakes or any other disasters. They are huge quantities of water moving out in each and every direction.

DQ 2: Watch the animation, Ocean Circulation, located in your Week Four area of your Materials section. What is the pattern of circulation in the four major ocean basins? What are the main surface circulation patterns in one of the following oceans: Antarctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific? To which ocean are you closest? How do these patterns affect your area? This web site is a good starting point for your research into this topic.

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