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Security management

Some information technology (IT) security requirements are almost considered commodities. Their support is handled in standard ways. Virus updating and e-mail support are examples, and the support for these services is often a candidate for outsourced work. In addition to justifying outsourced work, the type of outsourcing, (e.g., on-site or off-shore) must be studied. 

  • Identify 3 types of outsourcing that are often used within IT. 
    • For each, provide an example of IT work with rationalization of trade-offs by listing pros and cons. 
  • Please use by the following format for your answers: 
    • (Outsourcing_type)
    • IT_example:
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
  • State a general summary of the proposed use of outsourcing in IT for the project.
  • Compare and contrast role differences in the IT organization between an in-house strategy and an outsourced strategy for IT services. 
    • Some roles, such as development and support service needs, may become unncessary, but new roles may arise with needs to plan, manage, and monitor outsourced work.
    • Identify role changes with regard to impacts from outsourcing. 
  • Predict the business impact from each change.
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