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 I have a mini-follow up, I will pay for this. Wondering if you could do this (shouldn't take long) and it is using the former assignment below. 

"When you use a Python distribution like Canopy or Anaconda, you'll sometimes (or often) find that a package you want to use isn't included in it by default.  There are various ways of installing additional packages. They vary depending on the distribution you are using.

Let's install something new.  The Python package pandas-profiling provides a means of summarizing the data in a Pandas DataFrame.  As you may know by now, Pandas DataFrames are a workhorse for manipulating and managing data for scientific and other uses.  

Find pandas-profiling online (Hint: Gitbub).   Then, install it in the Python distribution.  Give pandas-profiling a try using the assignment data.   Explain what you did and include code where necessary.  Don't forget TAT."

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