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Assignment Instructions:

1. Read/View all of the material associated with the relevant learning unit.

2. Post a comment or question that was sparked by something you read or saw in this learning unit.

3. Respond to at least one other student’s discussion posting.

Assignment Expectations:

1. Use proper grammar and correct spelling.

2. Directly reference something you have read or viewed in the learning unit being covered.

3. Be respectful in all responses to others.

4. Do not simply say “yes” or “no” when responding. Really dig into what another student’s comment is and try to add a new insight for the other student.


1. Do use your best writing – this is one of the primary bases for grading this assignment.

2. Do not copy what other people have said. Write your own responses.

3. Avoid one-word or one-sentence responses to other students.

4. View the rubric for more details regarding the assessment of this assignment.

5. Please note that you will not see any other threads until after you publish a new thread.

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