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Select a publicly held company listed on either the NYSE or Nasdaq.

Select a publicly held company listed on either the NYSE or Nasdaq. The objective is to research the company, identify 3 key strategic issues for the company, and the provide a clear set of recommendations for each strategic issue. The focus of your recommendations should be on building on existing strengths, addressing weaknesses, capitalizing on opportunities, and/or mitigating threats that a firm might be confronted with per your SWOT analysis.

The project outline is below:

Introduction (1 pg.)

   - Description of company including mission, vision, and key objectives      

   - Major products and target markets served

   - Financial performance over the past 1-2 years

   - Number of employees and general structure of company

   - Any other pertinent information, events, or trends impacting the company

Environmental Analysis (3 pgs.)

   - Macro-Environmental Trends (use PESTEL as main tool to analyze)

   - Industry Environment (use the Five Forces Framework as main analytical


   - Competitor Analysis (Use strategic group analysis and mapping as key

     analytical tool)

   - Internal Analysis (identify key strengths and weaknesses of company)

   - SWOT Analysis (Summarize key strengths and weaknesses internal to the

     company as well as key external environmental opportunities and threats)

     The SWOT should be presented in a 2x2 graph with 3-4 items in each category.

III. Identification and brief description of the 3 most important issues for

     the company to address. (1 pg.)

Your proposed strategies to address each issue identified in part III.

      (2-3 pgs.)

      -Please be as specific as possible with your recommendations

     - Provide information regarding implementation plans as well

Conclusion (1/2 pg.)

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