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Strategic Human Resource Management Job Analysis

Below is the list that needs to be competed. No more than 3 to 4 pages double space. It has to be cohesive, do not just copy and paste the answers from the questions and from what other people wrote. Also, add an academic source that is not the same as others. I have also attached the HR interview questions which we asked the firm for this project.

The list of duties and responsibilities under which the HR manager’s job needs to be done:

1. A brief description (a short paragraph the overall interview)

2. Job specification:

3. Make a list of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other characteristics needed in order to perform the required job: (fill in here..)

4. The necessary functions:  (fill in here)

5. Competencies: (fill in here)

6. Qualifications and special skills required:  (fill in here)

7. Physical requirements:  (fill in here)

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