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Strategies of Customer Relationship Management and E-Commerce Assignment 5-6 pages

Information Systems and Technology

Strategies of Customer Relationship Management and E-Commerce

Purpose of the Assignment:

This assignment has a two-fold purpose:

1. To help students better understand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the ecommerce

strategies via a company’s website.

2. To find out how effectively Customer Relationship Management contributes to ecommerce with the applications of information technology.

Requirements of the Assignment:

Visit the websites of Dunkin Donuts at http://www.dunkindonuts.com and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts at http://www.krispykreme.com and identify the following:

1. The major customer-related activities on the two websites and how they are supported by information technology.

2. The effective e-commerce and CRM strategies, applications and services on both websites.

Write a short report on the findings of the above items 1 and 2 with appropriate comparison, contrast, and discussion. The report should be in APA (American Psychology Association) style but without a cover pager. The report should be word-processed in Times New Roman 12 pt font and double spaced, with no less than FIVE and no more than SIX double-spaced and numbered pages (with 1” margins on all sides), excluding figures, tables, illustrations, and references. Fewer or more pages will result in points deduction.

The report should include the following parts ( Otherwise, some points will be taken off):

 Your name and course information

 Title of the report

 Abstract of the report (should be single spaced)

 Main findings with comparison, contrast, and discussion in details

 Conclusion

 References (not counted for the requirement of report length

 The appropriate content of your report.

 The quality, clarity, and concise of your report.

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