Strayer mkt500 midterm exam latest 2016



Question 1

4 out of 4 points

A manager's ____ skill is demonstrated in the way a manager relates to other people.

a. conceptual

b. human

c. technical

d. leading

e. controlling

Question 2

4 out of 4 points

Which of these managers are in charge of departments such as finance and HR that support line departments?

a. Line

b. Project

c. Top

d. Operatives

e. Staff

Question 3

4 out of 4 points

One of the important ideas in the text's definition of management is

a. the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

b. the attainment of societal goals.

c. effectiveness is more important than efficiency.

d. management is unique to for-profit organizations.

e. efficiency is more important than effectiveness.

Question 4

4 out of 4 points

Which of these forces comprises unwritten, common rules and perceptions about relationships?

a. Economic force

b. Political force

c. Social force

d. Legal force

e.  Personal force

Question 5

4 out of 4 points

Mary Parker Follett contributed to which field?

a. Administrative principles approach to management

b. Scientific management approach

c. Total quality management approach

d. Quantitative approach to management

e. Systems approach to management

Question 6

4 out of 4 points

Which of the following uses the latest information technology to keep in close touch with customers and to collect and manage large amounts of customer data?

a. Supply chain management

b. Learing organizations

c. Scientific management

d. Customer relationship management

e. The humanistic approach

Question 7

4 out of 4 points

Culture can be defined as

a. the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by members of an organization

b. the ability to speak different languages

c. an object, act, or event that conveys meaning to others

d. a narrative based on true events that is repeated frequently and shared by organizational employees

e. none of these

Question 8

4 out of 4 points

____ environment consists of demographic factors, such as population density.

.a. Technological

b. Sociocultural

c. Legal-political

d. Internal

e. Economic


Question 9

4 out of 4 points

____ are associated with surface level of organizational culture.

a. Values

b. Norms

c. Manners of dress

d. Beliefs

e. All of these

Question 10

4 out of 4 points

____ refers to a value characterized by people's intolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity and resulting support for beliefs that promise certainty and conformity.

a. Power distance

b. Uncertainty avoidance

c. Certainty avoidance

d. Conformity seekers

e. None of these

Question 11

4 out of 4 points

The European Union has expanded to a ____-nation alliance

a. 14

b. 12

c. 27

d. 16

e. 21

Question 12

0 out of 4 points

A country that places emphasis on fairness and values kindness would be described by the Globe Project as high in ____.

a. assertiveness

b. uncertainty avoidance

c. gender differentiation

d. humane orientation

e. societal collectivism

Question 13

4 out of 4 points

The concept that the party responsible should compensate individuals for the cost of their injuries is referred to as

a. distributive justice.

b. injury justice.

c. procedural justice.

d. organizational justice.

e. compensatory justice.

Question 14

4 out of 4 points

Which of these is the disclosure by an employee of an illegal activity?

a. Tattling

b. Whistle-blowing

c. Organizational communication

d. The filing of a disclosure statement

e. Snooping

Question 15

4 out of 4 points

In what stage of personal moral development is a person mostly concerned with external rewards and personal consequences of an action?

                        a. Preconventional

b. Conventional

c. Principled

d. Discretionary

e. None of the above

Question 16

4 out of 4 points

The key problem, at the ____ stage of growth, is how to grow rapidly and finance that growth.

a. existence

b. survival

c. takeoff

d. resource maturity

e. success

Question 17

4 out of 4 points

At which stage of growth is the company if it is solidly based and profitable?

a. Resource maturity

b. Takeoff

c. Survival

d. Success

e. Existence

Question 18

4 out of 4 points

A(n) ____ has a legal life of its own.


Question 19

4 out of 4 points

A statement that identifies distinguishing characteristics of an organization is known as

                        a. a goals statement.

                        b. a values statement.

                        c. an income statement.

                        d. a mission statement.

e. a competitive-edge statement.

Question 20

4 out of 4 points

Which of the following represent plans developed at the organization's lower levels that specify action steps toward achieving operational goals and that support tactical planning activities?

a. Tactical plans

b. Strategic plans

c. Operational plans

d. Supervisory plans

e. Organizational plans

Question 21

4 out of 4 points

____ involves looking at trends and discontinuities and imagining possible alternative future to build a framework within which unexpected future events can be managed.

A. Scenario planning

B. Crisis planning

C. Contingency planning

D. Trend management

Question 22

4 out of 4 points

The ____ function recruits selects, trains, transfers, promotes, and lays off employees to achieve strategic goals.

a. production

b. leadership

c. information and control system

d. a structural design

e. human resource

Question 23

4 out of 4 points

Where does the information about opportunities and threats comes from?


 b.   A department by department study of the organization

 c.   Scanning the external environments

 d.   Employee grievances

 e.   Financial ratios of the organization

Question 24

4 out of 4 points

The ____ strategy involves seeking efficient facilities, cutting costs and using tight cost controls to be more efficient than competitors.

a. cost leadership

b. differentiation

c. focus

d. internal growth

e. liquidation

Question 25

4 out of 4 points

Which of the following lists the strategic management process in proper order?

a. Formulate strategy; Evaluate strategy; Perform SWOT analysis; Define new mission/goal; Execute strategy; Control strategy.

b. Perform SWOT analysis; Evaluate current mission/goal; Formulate strategy; Execute strategy; Define new mission/goal

c. Evaluate current mission/goal; Define new mission/goal; Formulate strategy; Execute strategy; Perform SWOT analysis

d. Evaluate current mission/goal; Perform SWOT analysis; Define new mission/goal; Formulate strategy; Execute strategy

Define new mission/goal; Execute strategy; Formulate strategy; Evaluate current mission/goal; Perform SWOT analysis


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