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Stress Management

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1. The most important aspects of a positive relationship being their for each other. The people in the relationship has to trust each other. Whether, it is with team building, being in two different homes, or just going out by themselves. They should always have good communication no matter, if it is good or bad news. Sometimes not communicating can cause a relationship to break up. The other person feels as if their opinion does not matter to the other partner. In a personal relationship it is important to have great sexual contact. When this goes the relationship might die but, in old age it might get stronger. In every relationships people sometimes need space to clear their minds. It is good to refresh your mind from stress, issues, love, and work. People can change sometimes do to growth so, the other person needs to open-minded with change. The partner's need to learn how to workout their differences in order to stay in that relationship and keep it positive. To never leave an argument or problem without working it out. Because, sometimes me and my husband go to bed mad at each other.

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2. The important aspects in a positive relationship are honesty, communication, and commitment. Honesty is not hiding anything from your partner and telling the truth. If you cannot tell your partner the truth, how can you expect them to trust and believe you when all that comes out your mouth are lies. If it is not the whole truth, then it is a lie. All it takes is one lie to destroy a relationship. Communication is dynamic. Talking with your partner allows you to learn how to get through the conflicts and obstacles that come in life. Communicating with another builds transparency and trust. There is no deception or skepticism because the couple is communicating with each other. Finally, there is commitment. If there is not any commitment in a relationship, then what is it? It surely is not a relationship. When you are committed to one another, you are able to make the sacrifices needed to make the relationship work. Commitment encompasses all these aspects such as honesty, communication, and people willing to dedicate themselves to one another.

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