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Subject: Marketing managent Book: Kotler, P. Keller, K. (2016). Marketing Management . (15th Edition). Pearson. 9780133856460 1.

Subject: Marketing managent

Book: Kotler, P. & Keller, K. L. (2016). Marketing Management. (15th Edition). Pearson.   9780133856460

1. List and briefly describe the five places marketers can find relevant online information on competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and summary comments and overall performance rating of a product, service, or supplier.       

2. Briefly describe the six major forces in the broad environment that can lead to new opportunities or present new threats that firms must monitor.

3. If a marketing research firm has decided to photograph people within the lobby of a movie theater over a two- to three-day period, what qualitative measure approach will most likely be used to accomplish this task?

4. A marketing manager would like to ask a few simple questions of his or her company’s target market (a population). If the manager would like to ensure that every member of that population has an equal chance of being chosen for questioning, the manager would need to select which sampling method?

Running Head: MARKETING MANAGEMENT Marketing Management Name Course Title and NumberProfessor’s NameDate 1 MARKETING MANAGEMENT 2 1. Five places marketers to find relevant online information on...
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