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supply chain management paper search

The paper is about the supply chain management ethical issues, demographics, or environmental issues. In general, the paper is more strategic. You are expected to do your own research within the periodicals academic library. In other words, this is a research oriented assignment. You are expected to find other articles to compare, cite the authors properly, etc. It is a deliberately open assignment that is intended to promote analysis, information gathering, information processing and writing skills.

  • ·         50% Articles and sources should be 2 years old at most and academic.
  • ·         A minimum of 2000 words per document is expected
  • ·       Must have Tables and Graphs (Tables are clear and complete. Text describing the graph in the body of the document shows understanding and analysis skills)
  • ·         Citation and reference.
  • kindly follow the exact instructions literally, this is a final paper, any mistake would harm my grade so badly  

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