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Technical Writing

Create an INFOGRAPHIC, a single page document that uses visual elements to impact the reader about a statistic you have found. The topic is your choice, something that is interesting to you and your peers. The target audience is college students (or your social network.) Use a design that emphasizes the numbers of the statistic without using long, textual paragraphs. Highlight (bold or increase size) the type for content emphasis. 


1) The topic should have social elements (about people, society, education, culture).

2) Include accurate numbers (a statistic, but not huge data). Cite your source at the bottom of the page in a small font.

3) Include a few (3-10) illustrations or graphics (charts, arrows, lines, etc.) to tell the story.

4) Must use color.

Keep it simple. Do not get lost in researching the statistic or visual images. As you can see in the examples, the best ones are the simplest.

If you don’t work in graphics software or use an Infographic creator from the web, you may create this in Word (1 page) or PowerPoint (1 slide). If you use infographic creation software (see link above), I've heard from students that Easel.ly and Piktochart are the simplest to use. You do NOT need to pay for these sites. But the site should have the capacity to export a file, once created.

For the web, it should be exported as a PNG or JPEG file, but I’ll gladly accept a PDF, since that is much easier to SAVE within Word or PPT.  The file should NOT be large. Please try to keep it under 1 MB if possible. 

It is not necessary to learn Illustrator or Photoshop for this assignment! There are web sites and apps that will create an infographic for you. (Easel.ly and Piktochart are tthe best.) These should be simple, clear, concise informational designs. 

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