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Terrorist Organization Likely to Conduct An Attack Within the United States: Al Qaeda Terrorist Organization Likely to Conduct An Attack Within the...

Develop a comprehensive 6-8 page paper summarizing the results of your first two papers and then make at least three substantive recommendations on how to prevent or disrupt your selected group from attacking the United States homeland. Use the Organizational Profile (Red Cell paper) you prepared for your Midterm Assignment and combine it with the Progress Assignment you prepared about collecting and analyzing on that group (making all necessary changes based on instructor feedback) and melding them into one seamless research paper that also addressed recommendations to counter your selected terrorist organization.

The Final paper is due Sunday of Week 8. The completed paper must be double spaced and follow Turabian or APA guidelines (parenthetical citation format) and be free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors (see example paper from the progress assignment).

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