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The class Random. The Java class library provides a class called Random that implements a random number generator.

The class Random. The Java class library provides a class called Random that implements a random number generator. You will use it to help shuffle the deck. To use Random, you must put the following line at the start of your program.

import java.util.Random;

Note that java and util are in lower case, Random begins with an upper case letter, and the line ends with a semicolon. The import statement obtains something from the Java library.

     You need only Random's constructor and its method nextInt. The constructor call new Random() returns a new instance of the class Random. If r is an instance of Random, then r.nextInt()returns a randomly generated int. It may be negative, and it may have a large absolute value. 

     For this program, you will need small positive random int's. You can get these by using the Java expression Math.abs(r.nextInt()) % m, where m returns a positive int greater than 0. The expression will return a random int greater than equal to 0 You must use this source code; you must not modify or extend Card in any way. Here is a short description of Card's public methods.

// CARD. A playing card. It's immutable.
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