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The Hershey Company

Using the Hersheys Corporation please answer the following questions.

Utilize the companies 10k to help assist you.

The companies information can be found in

Use your selected company’s 10-K and provide the following answers to the questions below.

1)      What are the company’s basic (simple) earnings per share (EPS) for common stock?

For questions 10, 11 and 12 prepare the following table:

Account names

Current Year $ (A)

Prior Year


$ Change

C (A-B)

% Change



Cost of Goods sold

Gross Profit or Margin

Operating Expenses

Cash and Cash Equivalents

2)      What is the dollar and percent increase or decrease in revenue/sales compare to the prior year?  What factors led to the changes?  Use Management Discussion & Analysis (MD&A) to discuss this.

3)      What is the dollar and percent increase or decrease in Cost of Goods Sold and all other operating expenses listed on your income statement (disregard any tax accounts)?  Discuss any significant expense changes separately.  What factors led to the changes?  Use MD&A to discuss this.

4)      What is the dollar and percent increase or decrease in cash?  What factors led to the change?  Discuss the change in cash from operations, investing and financing.  Use the statement of cash flows in addition to the MD&A.

5)      What is the stock market price of the company’s stock on the day you are preparing this report?  Use and  Discuss the previous twelve month trend in stock price.

6)      Identify and read the auditors reports.  What is the measurement standard in an auditor’s report and what comfort do the reports give you?

7)      Would you invest in this company\'s stock? Why or why not?

8)      Include the hyperlink of the 10-K used to provide answers to the above questions.

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