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The Portfolio Project consists of 2 parts; Part 1 consists of a written Portfolio Project and a selection ofa global company whose strategy applies...

The Portfolio Project consists of 2 parts; Part 1 consists of a written Portfolio Project and a selection ofa global company whose strategy applies to the scenario below. Part 2 consists of a PowerPointpresentation with voiceover. You will upload both Parts of your Portfolio Project to your ePortfolio,See details below on grading and submitting each Part.Scenario: You are charged with leading a new product development team in a company that will drawfrom a diverse workforce. Your team members will be culturally diverse as well as from differentdepartments in the company (e.g. marketing, R&D, quality control, purchasing, marketing research,finance). Your team is charged with developing a new product or service (make up a specific example– for example, a vitamin cookie) for introduction in the next 12 months. You, as the team leader, areresponsible for managing the performance of the team.Select and describe a company and a new product or service that your team will be working on.Describe your team members and their functional areas (example: Research & Development), varyingtheir race, sex, age, religion, and cultural heritage. You will be describing/telling a story so work in apotential conflict stemming from the members’ diverse points-of-view. Describe how you will resolveconflict and manage the team to success. In effect, you are writing your own case study aboutperformance management as it applies to a team.Essential and Topical Questions Discussion – (Due Week 3)Evaluating the key or essential points of this course will aid in the understanding the material of thiscourse. In this discussion you must respond to the following essential questions.1. Summarize the definitions of a system and an individual performance strategy.2. Explain the key differences between a system and an individual performance strategy.Once you have answered these essential questions, identify at least two additional questions that youfeel should be addressed as a part of this course.Part 1 - Portfolio Project Requirements (Due Week 7)Your Portfolio Project must include:• The introduction should effectively engage your reader and establish the main ideas of yourpaper. • Describe the company and product or service your team is developing as well as your team.• Create the company’s organizational objectives, strategies, missions, and goals.• Explain how the success of the team will help the company achieve its goals• Create a Performance Management System as it relates to the team.• Select one or more team member. Describe what performance competencies that team membermust have. Identify the team leaders KSAs and explain how the KSAs can satisfy thisrequirement.• Anticipate a conflict that might arise in the team, and describe how you will resolve this conflict.• Choose and explain how you would capitalize on team member differences to enhance success,be specific.• Identify how each team member will be rewarded, and explain the reasons for your choice.• Justify and explain the coaching strategies you will use to help underperforming team membersand why you chose them.• Select and explain coaching strategies you would use to help the team succeed.• In the event that a team member needs to be terminated, explain the areas of employment law andcompliance you need to be aware of. Describe how you would handle the termination to complywith the law.• Your conclusion should summarize your information and reinforce the main points of yourPortfolio Project.Portfolio Project Formatting:• Portfolio Project must be an 8-10 page paper (not including Title page, Table of Contents,Abstract, and Reference pages) double-spaced typed paper.o Title Page, Reference Page, Abstract and Table of Contents must be included.o APA formatting must be utilized.• References – Utilize the Internet and B&SC Virtual Library to research a company of yourchoice. Write a case study of a fictional new product team from the point of the view of the teamleader – yourself.o Include a minimum of 5 critically evaluated scholarly resources.• Provide examples that include topics, chapter terms, and definitions related to performancemanagement where appropriate. Grading on content will be largely based on your ability to drawparallels between your original thought and your demonstrated mastery of the course material.• Effective communication (both oral and written) is crucial in the modern business environment.Therefore, you must demonstrate utilization of proper spelling and grammar techniquesthroughout your paper.Part 2 – Portfolio Project PowerPoint with Voiceover (Week 7.5)Create a PowerPoint Presentation with voice presenting your Portfolio Project to your classmates. Besure to include all of your Portfolio Project requirements in the PowerPoint. Remember to focus yourenergies, be concise and to the point so that you reader will remember the message and understand themeaning.Your presentation should include the following:• Use bullets to highlight the key ideas of each topic• Add narration to your presentation to verbally explain and support the key points on yourslides.• Include in-text citations and an entry on a references slide for all information from outsideresources.Attach your PowerPoint presentation to the Discussion Forum in Week 7.5. You will lead thediscussion about your project. In discussion please discuss how you intend to use performancemanagement concepts in the future, either personally, academically, or professionally.

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