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this homework for Adrian Monroe so please don't send me MSG

 to respond to weekly discussion questions form the proff and sometime from the student. I will send you the discussion and you respond to it. it's up to you long short up to you some peope write 20 word and some write more or less. I will post the syllabus and the "Chapter 1 PPT".  "Chapter 1 Lecture Notes" in case you need it

"You need to read the syllabus"

discussion 1

For those who desire for career advancement and professional growth, I think the most common activities are education and experience. Because they teach you how to invest your time, money, and resources. They also help you to realize what your passion and your ultimate career ambitions. I have seen so many people wasting their time and money to invest on something they are not passion about. I don't see any opportunities and personal satisfaction around them.

discussion 2

What types of activities would you recommend for people who desire career advancement and professional growth? Why are these activities helpful?

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