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Training and a Performance Evaluation plan.

Training and Performance Evaluation are interlinked, possibly more closely than any other HR functions. Training is necessary even if the new hire comes in with strong skills: there’s orientation and “on-boarding” as well as teaching them how the company wants them to perform. Performance Evaluation is the best way to formally figure out whether the hire is doing what is expected of him or her from both the skills he/she came in with and training.

The Big Shoe has tasked you and your team with creating both a Training and a Performance Evaluation plan.

New Client: Jack-It Up!

Jack-It Up! is a high-end textile company that specializes in producing outerwear with “smart” features – their newest product is the So-Go!, a jacket that uses solar power to charge phones and other media devices, as well as having anti-theft and GPS locators in them. Cool!

Jack-It Up! has hired a cohort of 12 new production managers to help run departments in 4 different manufacturing plants: Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Tallahassee, FL and the “flagship” plant in Savannah, GA. They are asking Three Thirty-One Enterprises for proposals on how to orient or onboard, and train the new department managers during their first 2 weeks of employment.

The production managers need to feel comfortable in the new company, understand company mission and culture, complete administrative tasks (final paperwork, choose benefits, etc.), meet the other staff, connect with the Plant Directors and also learn their jobs.

Production managers will be managing teams of 5 – 15 workers in one of 3 production groups:

So-Go! Solar Powered Jacket line

Work-It Out! (sweats, shorts and jogging tops) line

Get-It Wet! (wetsuits, rain-gear, bathing suits) line

If you have any other specific questions, email Big Shoe () and he will get the info you need from the client.

Your proposal must include a realistic training plan and schedule. Be sure to consider what training activities will happen and when, and who the trainers will be. You should also give a rough estimate of costs so that the client will have an idea of what your training proposal will cost them.


Jack-It Up! has another request as well. After their first 3 months on the job, they want to be able to evaluate their new production managers to see if they are doing a good job.

Your proposal must also include a formal performance evaluation form to be used when performance reviews are conducted with the new production managers. The evaluation form(s) should be job-related, relatively simple to use, and allow for multi-source feedback from a minimum of 2 different sources.

Expect to take 2-3 pages (d.s./12pt.) for the training plan and schedule, and an additional 1-2 pages for the evaluation form(s).

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