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two discussions (each one at least half page):#

two discussions (each one at least half page): #1 Binary vs. Ternary vs. Rounded Binary- I'm so confused! You should have read about form and structure within music in Part 1 of the textbook (hint- the textbook is not 100% correct in this case as music theorists even argue about this at conferences). Form (structure) is simple, but can be confusing to some. One of the most basic forms is binary form (AB, verse/chorus, or 01 in computer language). The confusion lies with ternary versus rounded binary. The textbook does not outline this well, so it's time to show that you understand this concept. Rounded binary is represented by ABA, and ternary is better expressed as ABC, but the textbook calls rounded binary, ternary form. So, why is ABC a better representation of ternary form than ABA? This discussion is an academic one to show that you understand the concepts introduced. Do NOT expect websites to solve this conceptual issue for you. Besides, most all websites that come up on Google search are ignorant of the issue, and are not plausible for this discussion. In music theory, each letter you see represents a new melodic idea and new harmonic setting. So "A" and "B" are two totally different sections. Sometimes, in rounded forms, one might encounter an A' (pronounced A prime) or A'' (or A double prime); this represents a restatement of the first A section, but at least one small thing has change so it is not an exact restatement. The student must be able to see the argument from both sides, or synthesize material found from various sources, not regurgitate incorrect websites. #2 What is music? it is not a simple question. For this discussion, research the question using the plausible sources, and be as objective as possible, not subjective, in your definition. The real purpose is to be able to define music in a way that can be used to describe music from all time periods, cultures, and genres. Remember, feelings and emotions are subjective. Do not think that all dictionaries are created equal!

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