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Two News Report & Summary

News Reports:   News Report should address the What, Why, Who and How of the financial news story. Your financial news must be recent and no older than one week. The news should address topics such corporate finance, IPO, equity markets, stocks, bonds, financial fraud, mutual funds, mergers, options etc.. 

Written Report: provide 2-3 pages typed summary/relation to text of your news article. Sources: Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, CNBC.com or other Financial/Business news sources.  TWO Reports are required.

Requirement: (Two Reports/Summaries)

1) Select  News Reports from a Business or Finance news source. Provide web link to article and indicate source/date. Your news article must be original and posted by other students already. Each student must submit a different news article.

2) Write  full summary of news article, highlighting the main news of the article/news.

3) Relate news article to specific chapters and topics in the text. Minimum relation to text, 6 topics, 2 chapters. You must relate to at least two chapter and three topics in each of the two chapters.

4) State your opinion/reflection of the news article and reasons you selected.

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