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Unit 5: Unit Review Questions How does race get factored into economics? Does everyone have an equal chance to make a lot of money in this country?

Unit 5: Unit Review Questions

  1. How does race get factored into economics? Does everyone have an equal chance to make a lot of money in this country? Why or why not?
  2. What is the effect of myths about people who "make it" because of "hard work" (like stores of Haratio Alger) on discussions of poverty and people who live impoverished existences? How do they serve to socially construct attitudes and stereotypes of the poor and maintain economic hierarchies?
  3. How does an impoverished existence make one more vulnerable to things like abuse, domestic violence, and unsafe and crowded living conditions?
  4. How does class position shift the significance of one's gender? One's race or ethnicity?

Unit 6: Unit Review Questions

  1. How does a person of mixed heritage expose the lie of racial categories? How does the notion of racial purity complicate racial identity?
  2. Why were Native American children taken from their families and forced into boarding schools? What implications did this have for their culture?
  3. How do stereotypes of homosexual behavior support the believe that homosexuality and masculinity are contradictory constructions?
  4. Does class influence your selection of foods, clothing, hobbies or interests? How about the way you are able to raise your children? Does your race or ethnicity affect what school you attend and what careers are available to you? How about your gender? Does it affect your career choice? Please explain your answer.

Unit 7: Unit Review Questions

  1. How are femininity and masculinity constructed through the media? What ideal is presented to people? How is that ideal achieved and at what cost?
  2. How is whiteness rendered invisible in American culture? How are images of people of color used to foster fantasies of white supremacy in the media?
  3. Cultural ideas, such as standards of beauty, seem to have no relationship to questions of social power, but how do the rewards for thinness interfere with other kinds of social rewards women might aspire to?
  4. How does advertising lead to unhappiness? Do you like to shop? Do the things you buy make you happy? What are you buying when you respond to advertising campaigns?

Unit 8: Unit Review Questions

  1. Is violence a crucial dimension of the masculine identity?
  2. How advertisers construct gender differently in the commercials or ads? What assumptions do the ads seem to make about male and female consumers? How do those assumptions influence the ways women and men act? Fell? Think of themselves?
  3. How would your life be different if fundamental social change were to occur? Would your life improve or decline? What is your investment in maintaining things just as they are?
  4. What student movements are happening on your campus or your area? What do you think of them? Are you participating in any of them? Why or why not?
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